Life Insurance and Accident and Sickness Agent’s Code of Conduct Quiz

The Life Insurance and Accident and Sickness Agent’s Code of Conduct Quiz is based on the 2009 Code of Conduct. This Code is primarily principles-based and outcome-focused relying on high level, broadly stated rules to set the standards for business conduct. Attention in principles-based regulation is toward the purpose of regulatory standards: public protection, and not strict adherence to the letter of the law. Regulators must have trust and confidence in the behaviors, competencies and judgment of the agent to do what is in the best interest of the members of the public. Principles-based regulation allows for flexibility in a rapidly changing environment and focuses on quality, broad application of rules and high behavioral standards. In certain areas Council continues to rely on detailed rules and the prescriptive process to ensure adequate consumer protection and statutory objectives are met for sufficient consistency and comparability, as in the process and prescribed form in replacement of an existing life insurance contract.

The purpose of the Quiz is to heighten your knowledge of the specific sections of the Code of Conduct and how you as an agent should operate in the regulatory scheme. Some of the answers will require you to understand specific requirements while others will test your behaviors and judgment against acceptable standards and practices. In making your answer selection, choose the best possible answer. This is meant to be a learning experience.

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