Licence Renewal 2024

*The 2024/2025 Agent/Adjuster Licence Renewal is now open.  All licensees have been sent an email from the ICM outlining how to renew their licence. Each agent/adjuster requiring Continuing Education credit hours (CE), should ensure their CE credit hours are up-to-date prior to renewing their licence.

Important Deadlines:
Agent Renewal – must renew prior to May 31, 2024
Adjuster Renewal – must renew prior to June 30, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Notices Emailed:

April 8/24: Restricted Insurance Agent Educational Notice

April 8/24: Reminders to Primary Authorized Appointees for upcoming Renewal

April 16/24: Licence Renewal opening soon - sent to all licence holders

April 17/24: Payment of Renewal Fees - Operating Agents/Designated Representatives & Payment of Renewal Fees - Appointees

April 24/24: Licence Renewal open to all RIA licence holders
May 1/24:
   Licence Renewal open to all licence holders

May 10/24: Reminder - Online Licence Renewal Open
May 10/24: Reminder - Online Licence Renewal Open - RIA

May 16/24: 2nd Reminder to Renew
May 16/24: 2nd Reminder to Renew - RIA

May 22/24: 3rd Reminder to Renew
May 22/24: 3rd Reminder to Renew - RIA

User Guides:

User Guide - Instructions to enter your continuing education credits
User Guide - Agent or Adjuster Step-by-Step to Renew Your Licence
User Guide - Restricted Insurance Agent (RIA) Step-by-Step to Renew Your Licence  
User Guide - entry of E&O
User Guide - Steps for the Authorizer to obtain their Listing of Agents
User Guide - Creation of Invoices for Pre-Payment of Licence Renewal Fees

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