AGENT Licence Renewal is now closed (as of June 1/23). 

Without a valid insurance agent licence, you are prohibited from carrying on the activities of an agent in the province of Manitoba as of June 1, 2023

How do I Apply to Reinstate my Licence?

- Follow all information outlined in the User Guide - to Reinstate a Licence
- Complete the online reinstatement application(s)
- $70 reinstatement fee & Annual Licence Fee
- Review by your sponsor is required prior to submission to the ICM
- Errors & Omissions Insurance is required as noted within the application


Important Notes: 

Submission of an application does not permit you to act as an agent. 
A licence must be issued and you must receive email confirmation from the ICM of your reinstatement prior to acting as an agent.
Resident agents only (not including RIA or Hail agents): Failure to reinstate your licence within 12 months of expiration will subject you to educational and licensing requalification.


Looking for a Status Update?

Due to high volumes of applications received at the ICM office, the processing times may extend beyond the typical 7-business days, and could extend up to 21-business days at this time. 
Please do not contact the ICM office for a status update unless the application has been “Pending ICM Review” for over 21-business days.

Refer to the Progress Bar Explanation below.

Progress Bar - Explanation of Terms as noted at the top of your online application
“Waiting to Submit”= application is pending with the applicant for information.

“Pending Authorizer’s Review” = application is with the sponsoring organization to review and submit to the ICM for consideration of a licence. If the application is in this stage, please contact your sponsor to determine why there may be a delay in their review and submission to the ICM. The ICM does not contact the sponsor on the applicant's behalf.

“Pending ICM Review”
 = application is pending with the ICM for review and consideration of a licence. Once the application is in this stage, the application would be reviewed within 7-business days.

“Approved” = application has been approved for a licence. Note that this does not mean that a licence has been issued. A confirmation of licensing email will be sent to the stakeholder once a licence has been issued, and the licence will be made public under the Licence Search on ICM’s website. 

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