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Open Examination Sitting Schedule

Transition to In-Person LLQP Examinations Effective July 1, 2023


Winnipeg: Examinations are held at the ICM office located at Suite 466 - 167 Lombard Avenue.  

Cancellation Notice for Exams:

Cancellation of an exam can occur at least one business day prior to the exam. (For example, if your exam is scheduled for Tuesday at 9:00 a.m., you can reschedule before 9:00 a.m. on Monday.) The exam fee is non-refundable. However, if sufficient notice of one business day is provided, the fee can be applied to your next exam booking. An applicant is allowed to cancel and reschedule their first set of examinations one time only within at least one business day prior to the exam.  An applicant is allowed to cancel and reschedule one re-write examination only one time within at least one business day prior to the exam. No further allowances will be made to reschedule an examination. Any further rescheduling will require payment of the examination fee again. (For example, Joe Smith failed his first life insurance exam on Apr 9/20.  He rescheduled it for May 9/20, but decided to cancel this sitting on May 1/20.  He then rescheduled it for May 29/20 at no additional cost.  However, he decided to cancel this sitting as well.  Joe then rescheduled for June 15/20 and had to pay another examination fee for this sitting.)

Refer to the User Guide - Online Examination Registration for assistance with registering for an exam.

Examination Results:

Examination Results are posted in the online portal within 10-business days, and will not be communicated by email or phone. To allow our staff to be as efficient as possible, we ask that you do not contact the ICM office unless your marks have not been posted within 10-business days.

Important Links:

Open Examination Sitting Schedule for in-person examinations

User Guide - Online Examination Registration for in-person and/or on-line exam registrations

Life and/or Accident & Sickness applicants

General Agents or Insurance Adjuster applicants


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