Progress Bar - Explanation of Terms as noted at the top of your online application
“Waiting to Submit” = application is pending with the applicant for information.

“Pending Authorizer’s Review” = application is with the sponsoring organization to review and submit to the ICM for consideration of a licence. If the application is in this stage, please contact your sponsor to determine why there may be a delay in their review and submission to the ICM. The ICM does not contact the sponsor on the applicant's behalf.

“Pending ICM Review”
= application is pending with the ICM for review and consideration of a licence. Once the application is in this stage, the application would be reviewed within 7-business days.

“Approved” = application has been approved for a licence. Note that this does not mean that a licence has been issued. A confirmation of licensing email will be sent to the stakeholder once a licence has been issued, and the licence will be made public under the Licence Search on ICM’s website. 

Looking for a Status Update? Please do not contact the ICM office for a status update unless the application has been “Pending ICM Review” for over 7-business days.  Current Processing Times are updated on the home page of the ICM website here.

On-line Portal

COVID-19 Important Information

Log in to the On-line Portal to perform any of the following items:

a snapshot of your licensing on your Home/Dashboard page;
- UPDATE personal and business addresses;
- complete your annual licence RENEWAL;
- VIEW current licenses;
- SUBMIT an application form for a licence;
- track the real-time STATUS of the application throughout the process;
- view or update continuing education (CE) credit hours;
- view your PAYMENT history;
- view your PAST EXAM information;
- REGISTER for an examination; and
- view or update Errors & Omissions Insurance (must be maintained in the online portal on a continual basis).


Important Note: The online application system has recently been enhanced and currently applies to all application categories other than an Amendment to a Restricted Insurance Agent's (RIA) Designated Official, which requires the completion of a paper application.

User Guides: Refer to the User Guides and FAQs page on the ICM website to assist you with the items listed above.

Annual Licence Renewal: Open in the month of May (Agent renewal closes May 31 at 11:59pm and Adjuster renewal closes June 30 at 11:59pm).

Current Application Processing Times:

The ICM is currently reviewing online applications in the "Pending ICM Review" stage received on November 24, 2021.

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