Progress Bar - Explanation of Terms as noted at the top of your online application
“Waiting to Submit” = application is pending with the applicant for information.

“Pending Authorizer’s Review” = application is with the sponsoring organization to review and submit to the ICM for consideration of a licence. If the application is in this stage, please contact your sponsor to determine why there may be a delay in their review and submission to the ICM. The ICM does not contact the sponsor on the applicant's behalf.

“Pending ICM Review”
= application is pending with the ICM for review and consideration of a licence. Once the application is in this stage, the application would be reviewed within 7-business days.

“Approved” = application has been approved for a licence. Note that this does not mean that a licence has been issued. A confirmation of licensing email will be sent to the stakeholder once a licence has been issued, and the licence will be made public under the Licence Search on ICM’s website. 

Looking for a Status Update? Please do not contact the ICM office for a status update unless the application has been “Pending ICM Review” for over 7-business days.  Current Processing Times are updated on the home page of the ICM website here.

User Guides:

User Guide for Creation of Invoices by an Agency, Firm or Insurer

User Guide for Creation of Invoices by a Third Party Authorizer

User Guide for entry of E&O

User Guide for Authorizers

User Guide - Steps for the Authorizer to obtain their Listing of Agents

User Guide for NEW Applicants or those applying for a SUPPLEMENTARY licence

User Guide - Instructions to enter your continuing education credits

User Guide - Online Examination Registration

User Guide - to Amend a Licence

User Guide - to Reinstate a Licence

User Guide for Reinstatement of Licences(s) following Disqualification due to E&O

User Guide - for Address Changes, including email address changes

User Guides for Licence Renewal purposes are available on the Licence Renewal page

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